Sunday, 29 June 2014

Happy Birthday Newyork Modeling Agency

We had such an amazing time at our birthday party last night what a super fun night we had our fashion show which featured some amazing designers like Matahari Style,Bear Cubz,ravage Designs,Run Free Fashion,and Summer Rose fashions not only did we showcase some amazing outfits but we got pictures too have a look at them some amazing outfits a awesome combination of mesh and also layer clothing super col super sexy a big thank you to summer rose for the awesome pictures of the models in there outfits before the show.

We would like to thank  Onedelve Support, of InMarketz and InProfilez who has sponsored today’s show,Mr  Onedelve Support is the owner and operator of the and websites, offering a vast array of InWorldz purchases via an easy to use web search and immediate receipt of your purchases every time,Newyork Modeling Agency is proud to be officially sponsored by Inprofilez.

And the fun did not stop there we had an sponsored raffle by Ms jezzy Writer with prizes that totalled 10k,we also have some awesome DJ'S including Bigtex Cuddihy,Smyth Balazic,Cataplexia Numbers,and some awesome tribute bands Country Tribute Performers - Trace Adkins and Carrie Underwood,R&B Tribute Performers - Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Beyonce Ft jayZ.

We have had an amazing 2 years so far and last night we have an awesome birthday party such cool fun we seen some old friends and had the pleasure to meet allot of new friends last night too things can only get better come by the runway and check out the awesome gifts still there for a week :)

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