Saturday, 14 June 2014

Happy Birthday NYMA, Thank You Inworldz

Well its been almost 2 years since we joined the inworldz grid and decided to open Newyork modeling agency what a fun time its been and we plan some epic stuff.

Inworldz is such an amazing grid full of awesome people the grid founders and the community go above and beyond to make the grid what it is its truly the way a virtual world should be i advise you to come check it out if you have done so and have negative comments come back and try it again i can bet that will be all put to bed.

We have met some amazing people designers,models and residents and we don't plan to stop so to thank everyone for their support we aim to have a mega party for our birthday celebration.

With lots of cool gifts designer items and live singers all located on our new state of the art runway which is being built as we speak this post is just to keep you informed of it i will update it as and when we organise the event

This will be one huge event and one to remember so don't forget to join our group inworld and also don't forget to join the blog to get all the updates.

Also on that note we are about to start our new introduction to modeling sessions these will be every sunday and they will focus on letting everyone who attends know about modeling what i requires what it costs and much more come to our sessions and check us out.

Our first one is Sunday the 15th at 3pm join us inworld for an exclusive session about modeling interested then contact us for a landmark or join our group

So with that being said we will update you all on the birthday party and all events enjoy

NYMA|CEO Martin Glom :)

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