Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fright Fest Rocked

Hey all well what an awesome night we had at Fright Fest was such an amazing show we showcased exclusive designs by JP Designs,Cherie Amour Designs,Bella's Boutique,Ravage Designs,Tomoni,Bite Me,and Adorable Skins was such an awesome show really fun and a pleasure to organize our models went above and beyond to make our show an amazing show as quoted by most there they thought it was one of the best shows of the year that's a great achievement big thanks to all our models you rock and are amazing on the runway.

We wish to thank Ms Fayre Scribe who with the help of Mr Gideon Solo and Ms Nine Septillion  designed the fright fest sim for our fashion show and also designed the other sims too as well as a combination of building team's for Fright Fest we wish to thank them all they done an amazing job.

We would also like to thank Astoria Luminos , we would like to also officially welcome and thank the new EC to there position and wish them nothing but the best for future events and we wish to thank them for there hard work on our fright Fest event and everything they do we where so happy to do the show.

Our show was officially sponsored by Inworldz Events, Inworldz is making a big stand in the virtual communities with the introduction of features like Dream share,In shape,Cloud IDE LSL,and supporting the community to create there own version of Virtual Reality which will allow you to use Occlus Rift headsets to immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality, the grid is growing and so are we for that we want to give the founders,and support team and you the residents a big huge thanks.

So below we have some cool pictures which where took by Ms Summer Rose who is our official agency photographer and also official Inworldz Event press for all the Fright Fest events so enjoy the pictures and we will also include the url to the sim where you can purchase these amazing items.

This Show  is just one of the many events going on around the Fright Fest sims some events include Build Contests,live Dj's and Singers,Story telling,Hunts,Burlesque revue and much much more if your looking for the hottest events in Inworldz then be sure to grab an events notecard and also check out the live events boards and page on the website for more information.

Our models in the show where
Ms Martina Seetan
Ms Summer Rose
Ms BelladonaBlanco
Ms Sunny Day
Ms Lacey Stark

Check out the link below if you want to grab any of these amazing outfits.

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