Saturday, 27 January 2018

New York Modeling Agency Valentines Fashion Show 2018

❤New York Modeling Agency Invites You❤

❤To its Fashion show Sponsored By Matahari Riviera❤

New York Modeling Agency Fashion Show Merchants
Saskiao Designs
Matahari Style
Winsome Blue Designs

❤Sneak Peak Promo Shoot

❤Live Stream ❤
Cant make it no worries check out the live stream from 3PM Onwards on the 2nd of February 2018.

Please Note, Things can happen during our live stream and our live stream might not be successful on the night and might have some buffer issues due to lag etc should we run into any problems but we will do our best to get it fixed
❤LImo ❤


Friday, 28 July 2017

Graduation Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

             ´¨ ★`COME JOIN US★*

As we Welcome Ms, Ritzy Reese and Ms, Primilena Dumpling into the world of modeling and fashion, you are invited to come join us as they showcase styles that they hand picked and styled themselves using all they learned, and watch them as they pose for you wish handpicked poses, come join us as we welcome them into the world of fashion and wish them well on our journey.

Our students will do two walks they have learned and practiced before our procession where they will receive there diplomas, we look foreword to seeing you all there

Come join us one and all everyone is welcome we can wait to see you there

Graduation landmark Click Here

Sunday, 18 June 2017

                              ´¨ ★`COME JOIN US★*
Summer is here and we are ready to show you some hot styles from Mysin Premium Boutiques, Matahari Style, Donna Anna, Bellas Boutiques. Sun Made fashions. CHELES, Adams Clothing, and Emerald Couture we have some awesome stuff for you all and our models are ready to show you all these awesome designers have to offer

Also we have a collaboration from Tanya Matahari and Elin Egoyan Elin being a creative artist has created some nice summer art and Tanya has made 2 exclusive designs to match then think of it as live art on the runway our show is set to be awesome and we would love to see you all there.

Make sure to come join us on Friday the 30th for this awesome show

Fashion Show Location

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


             ´¨ ★`NewYork Modeling Agency Invites You Friday 28th October 4PM★*


You are very welcome to join us as we showcase some Carnival/Halloween outfits from some great designers this is a small personal show to help the lag and we really hope you enjoy it, our runway is build the area is ready we just need you come join us in your spooky Halloween / or sexy cool carnival outfits and enjoy the show or come as you are.

Our show is entertained by DJ Cataplexia Numbers who will be playing a nice mix of Carnival/Halloween tunes to keep the party flowing as we showcase some amazing outfits

Again this is a small personal show to help with lag please make sure to detach anything you dont need try keep your maximum complexity down by not wearing heavy scripts full mesh outfits or heavy prim clothing.

So come have fun and enjoy these awesome outfits from these amazing designers Matahari Style, Eagle Designs, and Primilena's Creations

Saturday, 11 April 2015

inWorldz 6 Fashion Show Hosted By New York Modeling Agency

Friday the 10th of April marked an awesome night we had our fashion show and it was awesome, the show was originally planned for the 27th of march but due to some issues we had to postpone it but we bounced back on the 10th of April with an awesome show, we had the awesome Ms Skye Wolfesong our Executive MC announcing our show such an awesome dedicated and headstrong person thank you so much Skye for your awesome dedication.

Trough everything happening EventsCoordinator InWorldz and the events team were so supportive you will not find a better bunch of dedicated people, we got help every step of the way we had some issues which were fixed quickly and it was only trough this our show was possible thank you guys so much.

We had an amazing runway built by Moontan Valeeva that was cakalicious!!!!, The runway was themed as a birthday cake and looked scrumptious, we had our show on an amazing charleston themed sim built by one of the most amazing builders I have ever seen Ms Elin Egoyan thank you so much Elin and Moontan for your awesome dedication.

Our awesome list of designers included Ms Tanya Matahari, Ms Abigail Slade, Ms Shaz Roxy, Ms Jezzy Writer, Ms Belladona Blanco, Ms Myra Foil, Ms Tiffany Cuddihy, Ms Rose Walker, Ms MacKenzie Vaughan and Ms Candi Walker, They provided some of the best styles I've seen this spring was a true joy to see them on the runway.

We also had the first Debut of our Executive DJ, Mr. Tony Fox who played a custom playlist and then continued to entertain us into the night Tony is one of the most professional DJ's I have ever seen with a keen voice for radio and playing live from new york it was a night of magic music and cool fun, I wish to send warm wishes to my Brother Bigtex who is unwell at the moment he too is another of our professional Executive DJ's and I cant wait for him to come back and start working with Tony.

Our awesome models showed us how profissinal they are and decided to there job, by the way, the presented the outfits despite allot of lag and rezzing issues they continued to shine huge thanks to Martina Seetan, Lacey Mistwallow, Belladona Blanco, Ellissa Gillard, Ms Shwana Cuddihy, Mr Sony Bird Ms Sabrina Bird, Ms Sakari Inua, Mr Martin Glom, It was an amazing show finished with some awesome fireworks.

I have included some of the show pictures below there was allot of rezzing issues, but Ms Summer Rose took some awesome pictures thank you so much Summer, so from me guys thanks to all involved and to everyone who took part enjoy the pictures and see you all soon.

All of the outfits can be found on the Fashionista sim so click the landmark below and grab some awesome outfits......

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Inworldz Toys For Tots Gala

The InWorldz toys for tots gala is in full swing with so much stuff going on including live events auctions build contests and much more with all money being raised for the Toys For tots foundation Every year InWorldz  hold a Toys For Tots galas trough the month of December,all money raised is matched by the InWorldz  founders and also donated to Toys for Tots Foundation,its with the support of the community and the founders that we can raise much needed money to provide a child with Christmas presents no child deserves tom wake up to no presents (give a little it helps allot).

Our fashion show is this Saturday at 4PM 16 outfits all 100% donation so help a great foundation while getting some awesome clothes too, it will be an amazing show.

We do hope you will of course check out the InWorldz  event page too the link is also below this holds the up coming events plus lots more please do feel free to check it out and join the InWorldz  events group to get all the latest event information.

So how can you help well all over inworldz you will notice official toys for tots kiosk's by giving a donation no matter how small you will be helping a foundation that puts everything on the line every year to make sure disadvantaged kids get some much needed Christmas presents or you can attend one of the many events going on around the grid and take part be active and try help raise funds for this awesome foundation,our next show is coming up this Saturday at 4PM IWT come join us and help us raise some much needed funds for TFT and also get some cool outfits too.

So with this being said save the date December 20th at 4PM and keep en eye out for the landmark in the groups InWorldz  and hopefully we will see you all then merry Christmas from  New York Modeling Agency

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fright Fest Rocked

Hey all well what an awesome night we had at Fright Fest was such an amazing show we showcased exclusive designs by JP Designs,Cherie Amour Designs,Bella's Boutique,Ravage Designs,Tomoni,Bite Me,and Adorable Skins was such an awesome show really fun and a pleasure to organize our models went above and beyond to make our show an amazing show as quoted by most there they thought it was one of the best shows of the year that's a great achievement big thanks to all our models you rock and are amazing on the runway.

We wish to thank Ms Fayre Scribe who with the help of Mr Gideon Solo and Ms Nine Septillion  designed the fright fest sim for our fashion show and also designed the other sims too as well as a combination of building team's for Fright Fest we wish to thank them all they done an amazing job.

We would also like to thank Astoria Luminos , we would like to also officially welcome and thank the new EC to there position and wish them nothing but the best for future events and we wish to thank them for there hard work on our fright Fest event and everything they do we where so happy to do the show.

Our show was officially sponsored by Inworldz Events, Inworldz is making a big stand in the virtual communities with the introduction of features like Dream share,In shape,Cloud IDE LSL,and supporting the community to create there own version of Virtual Reality which will allow you to use Occlus Rift headsets to immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality, the grid is growing and so are we for that we want to give the founders,and support team and you the residents a big huge thanks.

So below we have some cool pictures which where took by Ms Summer Rose who is our official agency photographer and also official Inworldz Event press for all the Fright Fest events so enjoy the pictures and we will also include the url to the sim where you can purchase these amazing items.

This Show  is just one of the many events going on around the Fright Fest sims some events include Build Contests,live Dj's and Singers,Story telling,Hunts,Burlesque revue and much much more if your looking for the hottest events in Inworldz then be sure to grab an events notecard and also check out the live events boards and page on the website for more information.

Our models in the show where
Ms Martina Seetan
Ms Summer Rose
Ms BelladonaBlanco
Ms Sunny Day
Ms Lacey Stark

Check out the link below if you want to grab any of these amazing outfits.