Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Inworldz Toys For Tots Gala

The InWorldz toys for tots gala is in full swing with so much stuff going on including live events auctions build contests and much more with all money being raised for the Toys For tots foundation Every year InWorldz  hold a Toys For Tots galas trough the month of December,all money raised is matched by the InWorldz  founders and also donated to Toys for Tots Foundation,its with the support of the community and the founders that we can raise much needed money to provide a child with Christmas presents no child deserves tom wake up to no presents (give a little it helps allot).

Our fashion show is this Saturday at 4PM 16 outfits all 100% donation so help a great foundation while getting some awesome clothes too, it will be an amazing show.

We do hope you will of course check out the InWorldz  event page too the link is also below this holds the up coming events plus lots more please do feel free to check it out and join the InWorldz  events group to get all the latest event information.

So how can you help well all over inworldz you will notice official toys for tots kiosk's by giving a donation no matter how small you will be helping a foundation that puts everything on the line every year to make sure disadvantaged kids get some much needed Christmas presents or you can attend one of the many events going on around the grid and take part be active and try help raise funds for this awesome foundation,our next show is coming up this Saturday at 4PM IWT come join us and help us raise some much needed funds for TFT and also get some cool outfits too.

So with this being said save the date December 20th at 4PM and keep en eye out for the landmark in the groups InWorldz  and hopefully we will see you all then merry Christmas from  New York Modeling Agency