Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Great News!!!!!!

Great news folks NewYork Modeling Agency is now sponsored by inProfilez and inMarketz this is great because it means that we now have an awesome E Commerce platform behind us, inProfilez is the vision of Support Onedelve and is coming trough at a rapid pace.
The inProfilez site allows you to be connected to friends and family and the inMarketz allows you to sell your items inworld but but......here is the cool part one register does it all once you register for inProfilez by visiting one of the terminals all you need to do is grab the magic box and set up your items super easy super fast.


Please feel free to check out the marketplace and also the social media network these are exclusive to inworldz and are for you all,you can also tailor your experience by advertising on the market place for as little a 250lz a week i know right super wow you can pick your jaw up of the floor now :D.

Also you can get free advertising with the inprofilez popular places kiosks this free 2 prim kiosk counts visitor traffic every 24 hours and lists you on the site based on your traffic count the higher it is the more up the list you get that's totally 100% free yes free advertisement.

Also there is a choice of premium memberships and options to get points for keeping a lz balance in the marketplace its rapidly changing and you wont even notice its changed super easy platform to use and super cool come join us and lets get connected.

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