Saturday, 11 April 2015

inWorldz 6 Fashion Show Hosted By New York Modeling Agency

Friday the 10th of April marked an awesome night we had our fashion show and it was awesome, the show was originally planned for the 27th of march but due to some issues we had to postpone it but we bounced back on the 10th of April with an awesome show, we had the awesome Ms Skye Wolfesong our Executive MC announcing our show such an awesome dedicated and headstrong person thank you so much Skye for your awesome dedication.

Trough everything happening EventsCoordinator InWorldz and the events team were so supportive you will not find a better bunch of dedicated people, we got help every step of the way we had some issues which were fixed quickly and it was only trough this our show was possible thank you guys so much.

We had an amazing runway built by Moontan Valeeva that was cakalicious!!!!, The runway was themed as a birthday cake and looked scrumptious, we had our show on an amazing charleston themed sim built by one of the most amazing builders I have ever seen Ms Elin Egoyan thank you so much Elin and Moontan for your awesome dedication.

Our awesome list of designers included Ms Tanya Matahari, Ms Abigail Slade, Ms Shaz Roxy, Ms Jezzy Writer, Ms Belladona Blanco, Ms Myra Foil, Ms Tiffany Cuddihy, Ms Rose Walker, Ms MacKenzie Vaughan and Ms Candi Walker, They provided some of the best styles I've seen this spring was a true joy to see them on the runway.

We also had the first Debut of our Executive DJ, Mr. Tony Fox who played a custom playlist and then continued to entertain us into the night Tony is one of the most professional DJ's I have ever seen with a keen voice for radio and playing live from new york it was a night of magic music and cool fun, I wish to send warm wishes to my Brother Bigtex who is unwell at the moment he too is another of our professional Executive DJ's and I cant wait for him to come back and start working with Tony.

Our awesome models showed us how profissinal they are and decided to there job, by the way, the presented the outfits despite allot of lag and rezzing issues they continued to shine huge thanks to Martina Seetan, Lacey Mistwallow, Belladona Blanco, Ellissa Gillard, Ms Shwana Cuddihy, Mr Sony Bird Ms Sabrina Bird, Ms Sakari Inua, Mr Martin Glom, It was an amazing show finished with some awesome fireworks.

I have included some of the show pictures below there was allot of rezzing issues, but Ms Summer Rose took some awesome pictures thank you so much Summer, so from me guys thanks to all involved and to everyone who took part enjoy the pictures and see you all soon.

All of the outfits can be found on the Fashionista sim so click the landmark below and grab some awesome outfits......

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